Minimalism was released in 2001 and was Paul's first album for Boosey & Hawkes owned production music library Cavendish

# Title Time
1 Scatter 2:55
2 Up to no Good 1:43
3 To the Hills 3:22
4 Reverie 2:55
5 Twilight Mood 1:02
6 Falling 2:40
7 Ooze 1:06
8 Drifter 3:19

The album was scored for a small string orchestra and recorded at ‘Hear No Evil Studios’ at Lillie Yard where Hans Zimmer started out when he was working for the british composer Stanley Myers in the late 80s. Paul plays the piano on To the Hills, Reverie, Twilight Mood and Drifter and Tim Garland (Soprano Saxophone) and Paul Jayasinghe (Flugelhorn) feature on To the Hills and Drifter. The quick success of this first album led to a follow up album Minimalism 2 that came out in 2005.



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# Title Time