Patterns of Life was a project that I started composing in the early days of the Covid 19 Pandemic.

# Title Time
1 Intricate Planning 2:25
2 Hive of Activity 2:54
3 Energised 2:33
4 Winter Tales 2:14
5 Reconciliation 2:22
6 Decisive Intervention 2:46
7 Deliberate Planning 1:00
8 Enigmatic 2:41

The brief behind the Audio Network album was to revisit the stylistic area of some of my most heavily used tracks in Film & TV production to provide a wider variety for users looking for something different but in the broadest sense similar to what I’d done before.

Having completed the tracks, there was a little bit of wait to get them recorded as recording studios were closed for a time and then when they reopened there were limitations on how they could operate regarding number of sessions in a day, number of musicians allowed in the studio, distancing etc. This, combined with a general backlog of projects that had built up during when the studios were closed meant that it wasn’t until the spring of 2021 that we got to record the tracks in Abbey Road Studio 1 with the elite session players from Isobel Griffiths forming the orchestra (Strings, Marimba and Vibraphone).

My favourite track of the collection is possibly Enigmatic, which ironically proved the most fluent to write.

The pulsing Vibraphone in Enigmatic has a certain dreamy melancholy about it which is initially undercut by the pizzicato string patterns around it but then reinforced later on when the first violins ease into a sustained counter line soaring above the existing textures.

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# Title Time