Rhythm & Strings

Rhythm & Strings (2007) is an interesting fusion of contemporary strings with rhythm section in Jazz and Rock styles.

# Title Time
1 Home Run 3:02
2 Skylark 3:51
3 Continuum 3:42
4 Night Breeze 3:16
5 Creme de la Creme 3:24
6 Fast and Furious 3:14
7 Point Taken 3:16
8 Take It Or Leave It 2:55
9 Stylistic Implication 3:14
10 Visions of Paradise 3:00

This was a particularly interesting album to write given the fusion of stylistic elements which involved writing string orchestra tracks underpinned by a rhythmic groove. The strings were recorded in Prague with players from the Czech Philharmonic conducted by Paul at the Czech TV Recording Studio. I remember being impressed by the fact that after two four hour recording sessions the players had to dash off to play a full length evening concert. The rhythm section (James Pearson (Piano), Pete Callard (guitars), Steve Mcmanus (Bass) and Andy Mcglasson (Drums) were all recorded back in the UK at the studio at Boosey & Hawkes offices in the Strand engineered by Iain Roberton, who also edited and mixed the album, and also at Strongroom.

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# Title Time