Woodwind Dramedy

Woodwind Dramedy adopts the style of this popular media music genre with the twist of being scored principally for Wind Sextet

# Title Time
1 Insistent 2:28
2 Positive Outcome 2:28
3 Ruffled Feathers 1:31
4 Odd Man Out 2:11
5 At a Loose End 2:35
6 Wood for the Trees 2:22
7 Bizarre Outcome 2:05
8 Cautious Moments 2:50
9 Sailing Close to the Wind 2:12
10 Au Contraire 2:12

The album was recorded with woodwind sextet, string quartet and tuned percussion but the central focus of the collection is definitely the vocal quality of the woodwind. The style is tongue in cheek and quirky rather than out and out comedy. The term dramedy means a quasi dramatic style with comic potential. You kind of know something untoward is about or likely to happen! It was an interesting challenge to hit this brief and write in a way which wasn’t so melodic and soloistic that it would render the tracks difficult to use with pictures and dialogue.

To take a few of the tracks Wood for the Trees is wilfully pedantic, a kind of attempt at comic minimalism. Ruffled Feathers is really just that ie. my take on ‘hot under the collar’ irritation! Odd Man Out is a slow gawky disjointed march for skeletal forces. I can see this working well with animation.

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# Title Time