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Paul has been working with the writer and lyricist Joe Graham on some songs for a modern and dark musical in development entitled ‘Balaclava’.  Inspired by the events and characters of the battle of Balaclava and Crimean war, it’s a modern dystopian story of the struggle between the owners of the menacing Redman Empire, with it’s burgeoning swathe of gambling & lap dancing clubs and the old man & his children who own the Ottoman Empire, an old fashioned shop selling trinkets and gifts from the old man’s home country of Turkey.


Three songs have been recorded recently:


No Fires To Be Lit – Nick Redman, head of the Redman Empire instructs his henchman as to how they must raid the Ottoman Empire


Kick Some Ass – Cardigan, a mercenary and larger than life darkly comic character who relishes the impending violent struggle between the two empires


Losing My Best Men – Sasha, the old man’s daughter sings of her despair at the futility of the struggle and resolves to take action herself.