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The Big House

The Big House

This hit four part production part documentary/ part reality TV was made by Big Mountain Productions with title music by Paul and was broadcast on TV3 in Ireland.


Shot in the fabulous Strokestown Park House the series explores the history of The Big House through the lives of those who worked there. The twist is that some of their descendants of return to experience what it was like first hand.


The Big House in Ireland was an important institution, it was the factory of the day offering employment to those who lived and worked there, for many this was an important part of their lives that allowed them to get a glimpse of a world occupied by a different class.


Bryan Murray tells the story of the workers in Strokestown Park House and other big houses the length and breadth of Ireland, showing how the institution grew and evolved and eventually collapsed. With famine, in-fighting, food and fun a dull workplace the big houses were not.