After a break of some six years since their last album Paul Mottram and Gareth Johnson collaborated on 'Be Inspired' in 2014

# Title Time
1 Towards the Light 3:14
2 Destiny Awaits 2:57
3 Because of You 3:37
4 Naked Ambition 4:30
5 Jack Me Up 3:47
6 Beyond Measure 3:53
7 Men In Black 3:07
8 In Memoriam 3:31
9 The Dirt 2:59
10 Inferno 3:29
11 Action Hero 3:22
12 Dangerous Situation 4:02

Gareth’s background is as a writer, producer in urban hip hop, big beat and rock and modern production techniques and this contrasts nicely with Paul’s specialist orchestral classical writing skills. The result is a distinctive orchestral plus beats crossover style.  Watch the interview with Paul and Gareth below which was filmed when the tracks were recorded at Abbey Road.

The inception of these tracks has been quite varied, with some being developed by Paul (Naked Ambition, Forlorn Destiny) before being handed over to Gareth for the addition of beats, and some that have started out as drum loops or melodic ideas from Gareth (Beyond Measure, Because of You) before being expanded and orchestrated by Paul.

The track listing also includes the tracks from their 2006 collaboration (track 7 onwards) including In Memoriam, Men In Black and the remarkable East meets West fusion of The Dirt.

Paul and Gareth have an usual common experience in that they have both been competing members of Ealing and Southall Athletics Club at various times in their lives, with Gareth being a sprinter / high jumper and Paul a distance runner.

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# Title Time