The first single from 'Seven Ages of Man' has now been released.

Soldier is the 6th movement of Seven Ages of Man, a large scale 70-minute work scored for Jazz Sextet and String Orchestra which explores the intersection between the worlds of classical music and jazz and takes the listener on a continuous musico-dramatic journey through the stages of human life. It was written for the acclaimed jazz musicians Tim Garland (soprano/tenor sax and bass clarinet) who performs as the principal soloist with Jason Rebello on piano and Jonny Mansfield on vibraphone.

A detailed article about the album (which will be released on 6th October 2023) appears in the latest project section on the home page.

# Title Time
1 Soldier 9:13

The music of Soldier (a depiction of the contemporary adrenaline-inducing challenges of adulthood in one’s 20s and 30s) is fast paced, tense and more hard-edged than any of the music that has preceded it. Programmed elements infuse the acoustic textures in the extended tension-building introduction before the tenor sax drives the music into the groove of the main section with soloing contributions from both piano and vibraphone.

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