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Feeling Furtive

A trio ofย  rhythm section based albums, which were all composed and recorded within one massive single project, have been released by Audio Network this year. Two of them Feeling Furtive and Good Times are all about tuneful top lines with a variety of melodic instruments such as whistling (Hang Loose), horns (Retail Therapy), piano (Nobody at Home) and vibes (Bad Vibes). The third album Walk The Bass is more groove/ bass riff driven as exemplified by tracks such as People Watching and Move By Stealth (transformed from an idea written way back in 1992!).


The albums were all recorded at Livingston Studios, North London last July featuring musicians Tim Garland (Tenor Sax and Clarinet), Pat White (trumpet), John Turville (piano), Simon Grant (whistling), James Turner (Vibes & Marimba), Justin Quinn (guitars), Pete Callard (more guitars!), Owen Slade (Tuba), Dudley Phillips (Upright and Fretless Bass) and Andy Mcglasson (drums).

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