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Comedy & Dramedy

The end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 were marked by two consecutive month releases of Paul’s music on albums ANW2247 Orchestral Dramedy and ANW2266 Comedy, Animation by Audio Network.



The were recorded last year in the iconic Abbey Road Studio 2 by the strings of the English Session Orchestra and overdubbed with Xylophone, Marimba or Vibraphone by the brilliant percussionist Frank Ricotti.



In the track, Happy Bones using the Xylophone and pizzicato strings lends itself to a comic/slapstick tone. The more mellow marimba sound can perhaps capture a greater range of moods and in the dramedy track Devious Thoughts is used to create a hesitant quizzical stealthy tongue in cheek feel, enhanced by the stop start nature of the music.


"First outing for new piece 'Fan Flair', a kind of a jazzy divergent Fanfare, to be played by @UppinghamSchool brass ensemble this lunchtime"

"phew @chaphousechoir gospel meets the friendlier face of modern jazz piece finished - well sort of. The title is still up for grabs though!"

"Good to hear some of @chaphousechoir recording y'day. Head down now to get their new gospel piece finished for 1st rehearsal next week!"