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Myriad is now available for download on both Spotify (spotify:album:0BEi6xankcLWjYfdg6tqw0) and Apple Music.


It’s an album of some of Paul’s best known and successful tracks from Audio Network including Trailblazer, which is used as the title music for Channel 4’s Travel Man and Myriad which was used on the trailer for Woody Allen’s oscar winning film Blue Jasmine

"RT @audionetwork: Brilliant use of composer @Paul_Mottram's track Evolving Dawn on @PhilipBloom's breathtakingly beautiful new video The Ca…"

"Motivic writing... Good enough for Beethoven... it's good enough for me! Not the cheeriest track to go into 2018 w… https://t.co/TanfVage6n"

"Probably the closest I'll get to a Christmas No1! Nice to see Busy Lives https://t.co/QyqlKhPNxV from my Symphonic… https://t.co/0pkviZYGgN"