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New Release

This album has just been released by audio network. Recorded initially by the strings of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at Abbey Road, and then with additional instrumentation,  Lucy Wakeford (harp) and Paul Mottram (piano) at the Strongroom in Shoreditch. The tracks were mixed by Rob Kelly and Paul.


The collection of tracks have a particularly strong classical feel to them, with a conscious nod to more than a few of the great composers of the classical/romantic eras. A couple of pieces Moonlight Escapade and Gentleways feature in the Latest playlist above.


"Further evidence of physical decline confirmed yesterday in Manchester Marathon (3hrs 18mins). Got to be easier ways to spend Sunday morning"

"New website is live at http://t.co/P6q6zmE155 One thing to launch it - another to keep it up to date, so there's a challenge!"

"Delighted to say that my latest CD Simply Classical was released by @audionetwork earlier this week http://t.co/7rZSo6wBBj"