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It’s a Wrap

Indie filmmaker Brian Unwin’s charming seasonal comedic short ‘It’s a Wrap’ features an almost full version of the track ‘Busy Lives’.


The film has no audio other than Paul’s Music. As Brian himself explained ‘The method I employed was to think of the narrative then listen to tracks to find one that best reflected the dramatic beats of the story. I then added in additional visual gags and edits to more closely align the story with my chosen score…… I felt that this (Busy Lives) had the ideal mixture of building tension mixed with a grand finale. I also found it evoked a playful festive sensibility which complemented the subject matter.’


The film has already acquired six laurels at various film festivals including ‘Best Music’ at the Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards – “Whimsy, fun, bright and a magical throwback to silent cinema.”


"Great to see this released by @audionetwork today. Written and recorded in what seems a lifetime ago before any of the lockdowns. https://t.co/LUMGkpBJaq https://t.co/xihd6gdpfG"

"Tried olympian marathoner @mara_yamauchi's technique of holding one's breath for a few seconds when passing people when out on longish Sunday run yesterday. Really hard work and will certainly teach me to get up and out earlier in future when it's a sunny day!"

"Trump is trying to stop this ad from airing so let’s make it viral https://t.co/SGyWI8tDV8"